Consult Us

I am always happy to look at your home with GPS software and provide you with an opinion of its potential energy production for free. In most cases I can also send you a preliminary layout for the solar array, using professional software. This can be quite accurate if the image of the roof of your home is clear. For this, if your home can be found on Google Maps, all I need is the address.

The next step requires more cooperation since we must decide whether you need the maximum number of solar panels that will fit on your roof, or a lesser number. I will ask you to look at a year of invoices from your electricity provider and let me know the number of kilo-Watt hours currently consumed annually that you would like to replace with solar electricity.

We also must discuss other plans you may have to reduce that demand with energy efficiency measures such as a new Energy Star rated refrigerator in place of an old inefficient one, or switching to LED lighting.

I will then adjust the size of the solar array to produce no more than you need. Ideally, you will pay only the minimum charges necessary for the utility to maintain your connection to their grid.

If everything looks good and I think solar panels can replace part of your hydro bill and save you money over the long haul, I can provide you with an estimate from Terawatt Solar for a turnkey system.