About the author

This blog is written by Mark Ogilvie

I was the owner and operator of Down-to-Earth Solar Power Inc from 2006 through 2018 and that company is now closed. I use professional software for remote site assessments. I have served hundreds of homeowners with advice on rooftop solar for their homes and many of them have purchased through me. Many of these clients are solar enthusiasts willing to spend time on the phone discussing their experiences with you.

I have a working relationship with a preferred installer who provides me with current costs on which my estimates are based.
The installer may send a referral fee my way if there is a sale to one of my clients.
Without subsidies not every roof in Ontario will save the owner money. You may want to go ahead anyway for the sake of the environment, but to at least get your money back over time, the site should be a good one. I’d like to help you make that determination.