My new solar blog

I plan to provide useful information for those people who are considering installing rooftop solar  panels on their homes, cottages, barns, sheds and the like. Of course there is more to a solar power system than just solar panels. A proper system balances the power coming from the panels with the capabilities of the power  inverter which has to be appropriate for the job.

Other considerations are the appearance-many plans are aborted because one of the partners dislikes the look of solar panels.
Shading by trees and buildings reduce power production but correct choice of equipment can minimize losses.

Interest in power storage in batteries is growing due to press frenzy about the Tesla Powerwall. There are articles almost every day on advancements made or anticipated.
Same goes for solar panel technology where incremental improvements are being made to silicone based modules, while promising new technologies like perovskite are catching up rapidly.

Then we have new technologies which are interesting but often not yet commercially available. And prices keep falling.

So..there is no end to the list of possible topics.

Author: MarkO

More than 12 years experience with home solar installation and sales.

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