Grid Parity is here

Turnkey solar power systems are now available to Ontario homeowners at prices which, amortized over 25 or 30 years, can deliver electricity as cheaply as your local Hydro company!

Terawatt Solar, for example, has focused on standardizing systems and reducing costs to the homeowner ever since the Ontario Government in 2018 removed all incentives for renewable technologies in the province.

If you choose Terawatt, there is no broker or marketer involved since you deal direct with the licenced electrician who will take care of every aspect of the job.

There are of course provisos, principal of which is the efficiency of the site. When generous government incentives were available, solar was installed on many sub-optimal sites, facing east and west, even north.

Roof slops matter, shading matters, size matters. That’s why a site assessment is mandatory.

The ideal roof for solar faces near south, has a slope of 20-40 degrees, and is unobstructed, not shaded, and large enough for at least 20-300 Watt solar panels.

The solar industry may be in its death throes in Ontario but we are hoping there are families who care about the climate crisis and are fortunate enough to own ideal roofs (described in the previous paragraph)that can show an good return on an investment in solar.

You also need to allow the installer to install their standard system. Much work has gone into selecting components that are available in Ontario at negotiated prices. Insisting on the latest and greatest product you saw on the internet will in most cases add to the cost of the system.

My next post will provide examples with actual costs and return on investment.